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Compliance and Marketing Update : #iTRIDit Selfies Part II


Our Financial Institutions team had a blast at the Florida Bankers Association’s 31st Annual Consumer Compliance Seminar and the #BankSocial Media Conference!

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Upcoming Bank Compliance and Marketing Training Opportunities


April is going to be a busy month for bank compliance and marketing professionals! We have a couple conferences and training opportunities you don’t want to miss! To receive real-time updates on compliance and banking matters, please click here to join our various mailing lists that are tailored to your interests and needs! 

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Florida Bankers Association: 2016 Safety and Soundness


Last week, the Florida Banking Association hosted the 2016 Safety and Soundness event in Tampa and Miami. Saltmarsh Shareholder, Paul Allen led the discussions on the topics of liquidity and sensitivity, providing an overview for banking practitioners on regulatory guidance and best practices within these areas.

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Got TRID? Enter our Selfie Contest to Win $200!!


So, you got a mortgage loan closed and disclosed under the TRID regulations? That's awesome! 

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Interesting Trend in Community Banking


Unless you've made a concerted effort not to read or watch the news, you  have probably noticed the rather dramatic changes in the banking industry over the past couple of years.  The dramatic reduction in the number of community banks in the United States has been covered extensively by the media during this last round of bank failures since 2008; however, you may not have noticed that the overall number of banks has been steadily declining since the mid-1980's.  From about 15,000 banks in the mid-1980's, we've seen a consistent drop in the number, to below 7,000 FDIC-insured banks and thrifts in the U.S. currently.  That doesn't mean the financial assets of banks have declined (US banking assets climbed from about $2.5 trillion to $9.3 trillion in 2009), rather, there's been significant consolidation in the banking industry, with the largest banks getting much bigger, a significant number of banks failing or merging, and far fewer local, traditional community banks.

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