Don't Let Your LinkedIn Gather Dust

2/22/2022 - By Allie Jackson

Social media continues to ebb and flow in modern times. It has become apparent since its birth that it is a powerful tool for showcasing your business, reaching clients, targeting audiences and sharing your personal achievements and content.

Thought leadership is highly valued, but before you can even get to creating and publishing content, it’s important to have your information online up to date. The simplest way to start becoming a credible thought leader is through your LinkedIn profile. This professional social media platform is a vastly beneficial and influential platform for networking and communicating your thoughts and ideas with peers, maintaining professional connections, and overall – showcasing YOU. 

First, you want your profile visitors to see an updated photo to connect a face with a name. If they can’t recognize you, they may not connect with you. On this platform, it’s important to have a clear, close-up, professional headshot. A photo can say a lot about you and it’s the perfect start to showcasing your personal brand. Keep in mind, smiling profile photos typically come off as more approachable. 

Second, you must also combine consistent activity with the overall aesthetic and visual of your LinkedIn profile. Having an active LinkedIn profile is important because this is one of the first things potential connections will see. People notice your activity on social media, and you want your viewers and connections to get to know the “who” behind your personal brand. Being active will show them your expertise, personality and even the culture behind the company you work for – depending on what you share and how you share it. 

You can achieve different goals (or all of them) on LinkedIn:

  • If you want your connections to view you as a community leader, LinkedIn would be a perfect place for you to showcase your commitment to the community through volunteering and company-led outreach. You can also add your volunteering experience in the Volunteering section of your profile. 
  • If you want your connections to view you as a go-getter and opportunity-maker, your LinkedIn should showcase you at networking events, collaborating with peers and colleagues in your posts, tags and activities.
  • If you want your connections to view you as a thought-leader, your LinkedIn should include your own blogs, comments on others’ posts and thought-provoking posts or articles. You can write articles directly on LinkedIn, make a post with your article linked, or for more longevity, you can even add them to your ‘Featured’ section
  • If you want your connections to view you as accomplished (without having to brag about it), you can use the Honors & Awards, Skills and Licenses & Certifications sections to include your accomplishments! 

I highly recommend updating all these sections, but remember, LinkedIn can be strategic. It’s a professional platform that you should be using to your advantage, so don’t let it gather dust.

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About the Author | Allie Jackson

Allie is a marketing assistant for Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund. She assists with the coordination of firm marketing initiatives, branding and communications. Allie is also responsible for maintaining the firm’s social media presence, content programs and digital campaigns. Her strengths include communication, copywriting and graphic design. Prior to joining Saltmarsh, Allie was a marketing associate at a Fortune 500 financial services company. 

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