No Busy Season Blues Here!

2/24/2022 - By Allie Jackson

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This part of the year is notoriously busy for public accounting firms like ours, but in case you haven’t noticed, we are not your stereotypical firm. We know how important it is for every one of our Saltmarsh Family members to take a breather, have some fun and enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates. One of our fundamentals at Saltmarsh is to “KEEP THINGS FUN” (#33) after all!

How exactly do we do that? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Let the Games Begin | “Tax Olympics”

Our tax practice hosted an inaugural “Tax Olympics” to keep spirits high in honor of the Winter Games and one of their busiest times of the year! The festivities included weekly games and bonus “spirit” events complete with awards for top performers and a leaderboard to track team success along the way.

Who says accountants can’t be creative? As part of our Olympic games, team members were challenged to take regular items they could find at their desk to craft unique “office supply art” sculptures. Check out our gallery above to see some of our creations!

Brews Not Blues | Saltmarsh Next Gen “Happy Hour”

Each month, our Next Gen group gets together for a little team-building and fun outside of their usual work environment. This month, our Tampa Next Gen visited a historic cigar bar to connect after a long day’s work! It has become a tradition to find new places and explore local hotspots together. 

“Unlike Pizza, Our Team Can’t Be Topped” | Celebrating National Pizza Day

We don’t mess around when it comes to food at Saltmarsh, so naturally, on National Pizza Day our offices hosted pizza parties. The best days are the ones where we all come together and share a meal! The bigger the pies, the better!

Sweet & Sustainable | Team Treats and Support 

Shareholder and technical leader, David Uslan, brought cookies for his team on Valentine’s Day! It’s sweet gestures like these that really bring our firm together and show that we are a #SaltmarshFamily

Lee Bell, our firm president, also shared an indulgent surprise this month. Tony’s Chocolonely is a non-profit fair-trade company making slave-free chocolate. He shared a variety of chocolates throughout our offices to show support and care for our teammates as they continue to work hard and serve our amazing clients.

We value work-life balance and fun firm activities that bring everyone in our Saltmarsh Family together. Are you craving a family work environment? Visit our careers page to view current opportunities and join us! 

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