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Saltmarsh Financial Advisors' Clients Benefit from Investment Event Series in Tampa and Pensacola

3/13/2019 - By Jayme Terrell

Saltmarsh Financial Advisors started the year strong with a captivating series of investment-focused educational and networking events across the state of Florida.  

The series, which concluded in Tampa, focused on identifying fundamental errors many investors have made throughout their investment journey and provided recommended solutions to avoid future pitfalls. Among the many valuable points shared by our speakers, one key takeaway was that these mistakes are often driven by misinformation, emotional decision-making, and a lack of discipline which can result in missed opportunities in the market.

It was a pleasure to welcome back long-time friend of the Apollo Lupescu, PhD of Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment firm widely-recognized for their Nobel-Prize winning research and an investment approach which brings the great ideas in finance to life for investors. Apollo’s presentations, “Navigating Market Uncertainty” and “The Evolution of Investing,” were informational, educational, proactive and timely.

In his presentation, Lupescu noted that the true value of a financial advisor lies in their ability to help clients remain disciplined during periods of heightened emotions. Whether you’re facing declines in the stock market or dealing with an unforeseen personal event, an advisor’s role should be to help navigate through periods of uncertainty and focus on what can be controlled. 

Similar events were held in Pensacola featuring Weston Wellington, another one of Dimensional’s esteemed speakers. In his presentation “Redefining Investment Advice”, Wellington noted that there is little evidence that the financial media can make accurate predictions about future events.  Following an investment approach based on discipline and risk tolerance has a far greater impact on a positive investment experience than market predictions.  Importantly, this disciplined approach enables clients the freedom to focus on what matters most in their daily lives.  

“First and foremost, we want guests to leave our events as more educated and confident investors,” said advisor, Chris Stennett, CFP. “We believe our long-term relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors and our CPA-led affiliate Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund enable us to offer our clients significant and unique value. Through our tax-focused roots at Saltmarsh, we’re making conflict-free recommendations that have our clients’ big picture financial objectives in mind, while also offering a low-cost option to build wealth and manage that process with the guidance of our experienced team of advisors.”

Saltmarsh Financial Advisors is proud to offer our clients low-cost, tax-efficient and principled investment advice.

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About Saltmarsh Financial Advisors 
Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC is a financial planning and investment management service provider with decades of industry experience. We deliver cash-flow based financial planning and industry-leading state-of-the-art portfolio design with investment philosophies based on Nobel Prize recognized academic research regarding capital markets and the science of investing to our clients. As a fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we receive no compensation from the funds we recommend.

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About Dimensional Fund Advisors
Dimensional Financial Advisors is a leading global investment firm that has been translating academic research into practical investment solutions since 1981. Guided by a strong belief in markets, Dimensional helps investors pursue higher expected returns through advanced portfolio design and careful implementation. To learn more, visit dimensional.com.

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