Our Pledge to Diversity and Inclusion

At Saltmarsh, we often use the phrase ‘Saltmarsh Family’. To us, family means unity and respect. We aim to ensure inclusion is core to our firm’s culture and that every member of our team feels comfortable to bring their best, most authentic self to work every single day. We believe diversity is good for the economy, improves corporate performance and enhances employee engagement; but more than that, diversity helps us join hands with all communities so we can better serve one another and grow together.

Our objective is to tackle these subjects holistically and leverage the collective resources of our firm to better engage and support underrepresented groups. We aim to address the concerns and needs of our people and ensure equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy or gender identity), national origin, age, disability, genetic information or veteran status.

As business leaders working together, we agree we must do more. For us, this means leading others both in the office and in everyday life with our 33 Fundamentals, specifically those listed below:

  • #1. DO THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS. This includes promoting equality, equity and respect in everything we do.
  • #7. PRACTICE EMPATHY FOR OTHERS. Seek to understand the unique perspectives of others, especially those with different experiences.
  • #8. BE INTENSELY CURIOUS. Ask questions, reach out and listen to people’s stories to learn more and take part in diversity trainings.
  • #11. TAKE ACTION. Promote change, growth and equality in our teams with actionable goals for driving progress including diversity training and community outreach.
  • #13. SPEAK OPENLY AND HONESTLY. Provide open, judgement-free platforms for team members so that they are not afraid to share their perspectives and experiences.
  • #14. LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND. Even when we do not completely understand one’s particular situation, we not only need to hear them, but listen and aim to understand.
  • #17. TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE FAMILY. We are a family, so we need to be there for each other and want what’s best for one another.
  • #19. BE RELENTLESS ABOUT IMPROVEMENT. We can always do better and be better, so we aim to keep moving forward and making progress.
  • #26. EMPOWER OTHERS. Everyone has value, a voice and worth in our firm, and we support and celebrate this.
  • #27. EMBRACE CHANGE. With progress and improvement comes necessary change that will positively influence continual evolution of our firm’s values.
  • #31. COLLABORATE. Together is better. We know a united front is a stronger front.

We believe by sharing and learning with one another, we can strengthen our existing efforts and commitments to better serve our team, our clients, and our communities.

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