Pocket Guide to TaxesTools & Resources

Need a reference to help prepare your 2022 tax returns due April 2023? Our Pocket Guide to Taxes can help you stay on top of changes to taxable income and deductions this tax season. If you need assistance or have questions regarding your tax situation, contact a Saltmarsh Tax Advisor.

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2021 Year-End Tax Planning Highlights for Individuals & Businesses

While this time of year is often busy spending quality time with friends and family, we encourage you not to overlook year-end tax planning and to identify opportunities for reducing, deferring or accelerating tax obligations. 

To help you get started, below are our 2021 Tax Planning Highlights for both individuals and businesses. Our guides offer strategies and tips to help mitigate risk and set you up for the upcoming year:

Please note the information contained in these guides is summarized and based on the tax proposals presented in the November 19, 2021, version of the Build Back Better Act as passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Consult your Saltmarsh tax advisor before implementing any of the recommendations set forth, as it is intended to provide broad suggestions only.

2021 Individual Tax OrganizerTools & Resources

Our 2021 Individual Tax Organizer can help you capture essential information needed for preparing your tax return due on April 18, 2022. Select and complete forms based on your specific tax needs and return to your Saltmarsh preparer.

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Saltmark Industry ReportTools & Resources

Assess your company's health and performance with a valuable Saltmark Industry Report.

Our comprehensive report is built by bench-marking key data and insights from your company against that of your industry peers. Not only does your customized report outline how your company compares to the industry on an account-by-account basis, it also highlights key performance indicators (KPIs) to uncover strategies for lowering your costs and increasing profits.

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Saltmarsh Financial Advisors' Quarterly Investment UpdateMarket Insights for Long-Term Investors

Saltmarsh Financial Advisors quarterly Investment Update newsletter features market insights, research and perspectives from our advisor network and investment management team
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Community Bank Performance & Regulatory ReportsQuarterly Insights from The Bank Advisors

The Bank Advisors at Saltmarsh publish a series of quarterly reports for community banks across the Southeast. 

Asset Quality and Performance Comparison reports by state keep you informed on the financial condition and performance of your industry peers. The Regulatory Compliance Changes Matrix allows you to stay ahead of the compliance curve in an ever-changing regulatory environment. 
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Credit Union Performance & Regulatory ReportsPublished by The Credit Union Advisors

The Credit Union Advisors at Saltmarsh publish a series of quarterly reports for credit unions in Florida and Alabama.

Performance Comparison Reports, sorted both by state and asset size, keep you informed on the financial condition and performance of your peers. The Regulatory Compliance Changes Matrix allows you to stay ahead of the compliance curve in an ever-changing regulatory environment. 
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Saltmarsh Siren: Healthcare Hot TopicsFocusing on the Post-Acute and Acute Healthcare Industries

Specifically for our clients and friends in healthcare, stay up-to-date with regular "Saltmarsh Siren" email updates featuring our breakdown and analysis of complex regulatory matters, important Medicare and Medicaid updates and other industry news and changes. 
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Manufacturing Outlook: Quarterly White PaperInsights for the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry

Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, today's global marketplace presents both challenges and opportunities. Our Manufacturing Outlook shares insights from our team of experts to help you succeed in this ever-changing environment.
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