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Training in a Remote Environment from a Young Professional's Perspective

10/18/2021 - By Maria Thompkins

As CDC guidelines encouraged companies to shift to a virtual environment to minimize the spread of COVID-19, a lot of companies had to react quickly. 

So, what are some things that new hires look for? 

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Jordan Speed Earns Certified Public Accountant Designation

10/15/2021 - By Allie Jackson

We are excited to announce that Jordan Speed has officially been designated as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Jordan worked hard to complete the parts required to pass the CPA exam, and that hard work has paid off! 

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WEBINAR: Rethinking Financial Reporting - Nonprofit Strategy

10/13/2021 - By Emily Lalas & Carol Raca

As nonprofit leaders rethink fundraising post the COVID-19 crisis, getting up-to-speed on how to tell your organization’s story through financial reporting is more important than ever. This webinar will cover how to use form 990 as a marketing tool and more! Join us for a webinar on November 5th from 12:00-12:45 PM (CST)/1:00-1:45 PM (EST).


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Webinar Materials: Streamlining Your Company's Cashflows

10/13/2021 - By Suzanne Cox, CPA, CIT

Cash flow in manufacturing is complex, but managing your company's cash flow shouldn't feel impossible. What you need are a few simple, actionable strategies that will take your cash flow management from chaotic to clear and productive.


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Webinar Materials: Maximizing Technology to Streamline Business Processes

10/6/2021 - By Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team

Have you outgrown your current accounting systems? Do you have an ERP system that you are not maximizing to its fullest potential? Access webinar materials from Lean Thinking Series Part 1 with Andrew Laflin, CPA from Aclarian LLC.


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