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Father's Day: Money Lessons Learned From Dad

6/12/2024 - By Pierce Broscious, CFP

Fathers play an important role in teaching us many things when we are children. A few common lessons include how to hold a flashlight steady, how to arrive at the airport early, and that “it’s not the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity.” Another common topic fathers teach us about is money. This is an area I learned a lot about from my dad. Having spent most of his career as a regional business developer for Firehouse Subs, he helped franchisees succeed by guiding them on smart money and business decisions. The money lessons I learned while sitting in his office as a kid inspired me to pursue a career in finance. For this Father’s Day, I’d like to share some of these lessons and how they can be applied in practical terms. 

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Beacon Summer Leadership Program 2024

6/3/2024 - By Gabby Symons

In May, we hosted our annual Beacon Summer Leadership series, a unique program designed for accounting students to experience what a career in public accounting is like. Now in its 8th year, Beacon attracted more than 30 students representing universities throughout the southeast for two days of leadership training and team building in our Pensacola and Tampa offices. 

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Unlocking the Power of ACH Compliance Reviews: Requirements and Benefits for Third-Party Senders and Service Providers

5/31/2024 - By Sallie O'Brien AAP, APRP

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system has become integral to electronic payments in today's fast-paced payment environment. With the increasing reliance on ACH transactions, both Third-Party Senders and Third-Party Service Providers play crucial roles in facilitating secure and efficient payment processing. These entities must undergo regular ACH Compliance Reviews annually to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain trust by December 31st. Let us explore the requirements and benefits of ACH Compliance Reviews for Third-Party Senders and Service Providers, along with examples of their roles in the financial ecosystem.

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What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

5/29/2024 - By Mark Hemby, CFA, CFP

The S&P 500 hit a new all-time high 22 times during the first quarter of 2024. Since 1957, the index has reached a new high every 14.3 days. These higher prices are great for investors in the market, but present a hurdle for investors on the sidelines. Let’s look at how investors should approach this hurdle to get their funds invested for the future.

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Cost of Capital: A Gut Check on High-Flying Stock Returns

5/10/2024 - By Dimensional Fund Advisors

Nearly every year, a handful of securities generate headlines for delivering eye-popping returns. A challenge for investors is determining what portion of that return is a one-off windfall and not something to expect going forward. Viewing expected returns through the lens of cost of capital may help benchmark what constitutes a reasonable expected return from the market.

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