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Selecting an Anti-Money Laundering Software for Your Institution (Part 2 of 3)

12/1/2020 - By Dede Nolan, CFSA, CAFP

(Part 2 of 3) Selecting your financial institution’s anti-money laundering (AML) software is a highly critical and usually expensive decision. There are five key decision-making steps to help avoid common pitfalls during the process: planning, implementation, initial testing, activity analysis, and ongoing maintenance. 

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IRS Provides Guidance on Deductibility of PPP Loan-Related Expenses

11/23/2020 - By David Uslan, CPA

The IRS released guidance in April that indicated eligible expenses funded by PPP loan proceeds would not be deductible for federal income tax purposes to the extent of any loan forgiveness, thus offsetting the tax-exempt loan proceeds. But would expenses be nondeductible in the year they were incurred (2020) or in 2021, if the loan proceeds were forgiven at that time? The IRS has finally provided guidance on this timing issue.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Understanding Single Audit Requirements for the Healthcare Industry

11/12/2020 - By Allison Jones, CPA & Philip de Boer, CPA

As a result of receiving CARES Act funds in response to COVID-19, many healthcare organizations now will be subject to Federal audit requirements regarding the use of those funds. Access materials here.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Accounting Innovation

11/12/2020 - By Glenn Scharf, CPA, CVA

Over the past several months it has become more apparent than ever that running your business on the go is imperative. From streamlining accounts payable and accounts receivable processes to paying and receiving money electronically, we'll explore the tools you can implement today! Access materials here.

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2020 Year-End Tax Planning Highlights for Businesses

11/11/2020 - By David Uslan, CPA

As the world continues to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout, businesses are doing all they can to mitigate risks and plan for a recovery that’s anything but certain. Read on to explore the tax relief tactics that can help take your business from reacting to the day-to-day challenges to taking advantage of those incentives that are available to help move your business forward.

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