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The Importance of a Personal Budget

11/30/2021 - By Chris Stennett, CFP

Family roles have evolved over the years, but it’s still common to see households where one person manages the finances while the other partner is less hands-on. When circumstances change due to death or divorce, the remaining spouse or partner has a new world of responsibilities placed on them during a time of high emotional stress.

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Reingruber Alert: Florida Nursing Home October 1, 2021, Rate Enhancement

11/18/2021 - By Claudia Reingruber, CPA, CHC

During the Legislative Budget Commission held on November 4, 2021, the Legislature approved additional funding of $99,520,603 for Medicaid Nursing Homes* enhancing their October 1, 2021, Prospective Payment Rate for three months. Learn more...

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2021 Year-End Tax Planning Webinar Series

11/17/2021 - By Nancy Patton

As another taxing (no pun intended) year comes to an end, business owners and individuals are seeking opportunities to maximize their savings through year-end tax planning. There are many beneficial strategies out there to position oneself for success in the new year and the tax experts at Saltmarsh are here to provide clarity in a multi-part webinar series. Learn more and register!

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The Importance of a Financial Advisor After Death or Divorce

11/15/2021 - By Mark Hemby, CFA

Sometimes in life, we’re faced with challenging transitions. Few are as difficult as divorce or the death of a spouse. During these challenging times, a competent financial advisor can be invaluable. 

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Webinar Materials: Rethinking Financial Reporting - Nonprofit Strategy

11/8/2021 - By Emily Lalas & Carol Raca

As nonprofit leaders rethink fundraising post the COVID-19 crisis, getting up-to-speed on how to tell your organization’s story through financial reporting is more important than ever. This webinar will cover how to use form 990 as a marketing tool and more!

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