State and Local TaxNavigating the Complexity of a Nationwide Footprint

As each state and local jurisdiction can create its own nuanced taxing structure, tax laws have become more complicated and extensive. States have been increasingly aggressive in pursuing revenue by expanding their tax base. As such, taxpayers are challenged to determine their filing requirements while also identifying tax deductions, exemptions and incentives.

At Saltmarsh, our experienced State and Local Tax (SALT) team can help you meet your obligations while maximizing savings opportunities and minimizing risk. We help our clients by providing the following services:

  • Income/franchise tax return preparation and consulting
  • Personal property tax return preparation and consulting
  • Nexus reviews and voluntary disclosure/amnesty tax filings
  • Pass-Through Entity (PTE) election analysis
  • Buy and sell-side due diligence and organizational restructuring
  • Audit defense assistance
  • Sales/use tax consulting and refund reviews
  • Analyzing impact of remote employees
  • State residency analysis

Your Questions, Answered

We will help you answer all the questions and/or concerns you may have about what to do with your state and local tax issues such as:

  1. Are we filing in all the required states and localities?
  2. What are our requirements after hiring an employee from another state?
  3. What should we look out for when opening an office or performing services in another state?
  4. I am selling through Amazon. Now what?
  5. I live in one state but work in another. What are the filing requirements?
  6. I am moving to a new state. Now what?

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Our team stays up to date on changing state and local tax issues to help you efficiently minimize your ongoing tax obligations and avoid the risk of penalties. We know complex tax compliance can be challenging if your company operates in various counties or states.

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