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4 Painless Ways to Achieve Financial Security


We all know that it's never too early to start planning for retirement or to start building a nest egg for future expenses. Financial security is a goal that we all have in mind, but are you taking advantage of the easy opportunities that can help you accelerate the process? Other than utilizing sensible spending habits, here are some quick strategies to help you reach financial security sooner than you think.

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Recruiting the Best for the Best


Steve Jobs once said, “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” 

In accounting, clients trust us to get the job done – and done exceptionally. Saltmarsh has been around since 1944, which says a lot about our reputation and strength throughout the rollercoaster of recessions, inflations and pandemics.

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Student Loan Debt Cancelation


On August 24, 2022, President Joe Biden announced his administration’s plan to reduce student loan debt for millions of Americans. The plan consists of three parts: Targeted debt repayment relief, improving the loan system for current and future borrowers and reducing the cost of college by holding schools accountable for rate hikes. While all three parts are relevant, I am going to focus on targeted debt repayment relief – or said more clearly: Student Loan Debt Cancelation. 

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Natural Disaster Casualty Losses


Did you know that losses of property due to natural disasters are deductible as personal casualty losses on your tax return? This means if you suffered damage from Hurricane Sally that resulted in your property losing value, you might be entitled to a tax deduction for that loss.

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A Few Reasons Why I Love HR


"I can't believe you like HR." "I could never do what you do." "Please don't ever quit because I would never want to do your job." These are all statements or questions that I have heard many times over from my work colleagues, my friends, my family, and yes....even one of my former bosses. Allow me to take you on a journey of what HR means to me.


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How to Build a Budget to Boost Your Savings


October 12th is National Savings Day – a day to celebrate savings across the nation and reflect on the importance of maintaining healthy financial habits. A disciplined savings strategy is the foundation for building wealth, and often, the impact of saving a small amount consistently over time is underestimated.

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WEBINAR: Foundations of Financial Stability


When you hear the words financial goals, what comes to mind? Perhaps you’re thinking about big goals like buying a home or paying off student loans. While it’s important to have financial goals, it’s more important to have a solid foundation and plan for achieving them. Join us for a National Savings Day webinar on Wednesday, October 12th!

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Webinar Materials: Healthcare Hot Topics: Florida's New Minimum Wage Requirements for Medicaid Providers


Florida’s budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 is providing more than $600 million in new funding for the sole purpose of increasing the minimum wage for employees of Medicaid providers to at least $15 an hour.  This new funding, which goes into effect on October 1, 2022, comes with significant new compliance risks, including new requirements for participation in the Medicaid program and a new civil cause of action for non-compliance.  

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Inflation Reduction Act of 2022


President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law at a White House ceremony on August 16, finalizing legislation intended to address inflation by paying down the national debt, lowering consumer energy costs, providing incentives to the production of clean energy and reducing healthcare costs. The Act contains several credits that would be of interest to individuals and businesses.

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Saltmarsh Hosts 17th Annual Community BankTalk Event


For the past 17 years, the Saltmarsh Bank Advisors have brought hundreds of financial institution professionals together for community banking events, BankTalk, to learn about advancements in the industry, regulatory updates and much more. With the turn to virtual after 2020, the team hosted the last three annual events virtually – but that didn’t stop them from getting an insightful lineup of speakers and content!

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Client Benefits to Working with a Smaller CPA Firm


When considering a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm for all your financial needs, whether that be audit and assurance, tax, financial advisory, business consulting, information technology, or a combination of services, there are several benefits to consider if you are teetering between a larger firm like a “Big Four” or a small but mighty firm like Saltmarsh. 

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Don't Become the Next Victim of a Social Engineering Attack


When it relates to information security, social engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes - and it can come in many different forms. 


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Preparing for $500 Million in Assets


Is your bank approaching $500 million in assets? Have you already crossed that threshold recently? As your bank continues to grow, your reporting needs may change due to FDICIA regulations. Saltmarsh is here to help ensure you remain compliant and that your bank has the resources, time and expertise to meet regulatory requirements.

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Pierce Broscious Earns Certified Financial Planner™ Designation


We are excited to announce that Pierce Broscious has officially been designated as a Certified Financial Planner. Pierce’s diligence has paid off as he has completed and passed the seven-course curriculum and final exam to earn the CFP® designation!

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The Difference Between a Forecast, a Wish and a WorryA Perspectives Blog from Dimensional Fund Advisors


After decades of cable news and nonstop digital postings, I see more opinions these days than news. That’s not a bad thing. But when it comes to investing, it’s crucial to remember the difference between news and opinion, and how they are sometimes used to forecast the future.

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Estate Planning with a Revocable Trust: A Case Study


Clients often ask about how a revocable living trust operates during their lifetime, when it becomes irrevocable, how it interacts with their last will and testament and the benefits of creating a revocable living trust. 

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Secure Exchange of Standardized Letters of IndemnityNow in Nacha's Risk Management Portal


Many financial institutions require a written indemnification agreement to be completed in connection with requested ACH returns. This is especially the case when the return of funds cannot be completed using an ACH return entry (i.e., an R06 Return Reason Code) or funds are returned outside the ACH Network (i.e., via wire or check). 

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Best Practice Suggestions for Back-Testing Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Models for Accuracy


Back-testing has been challenging during this COVID period due to large volume variances and asset yield variances caused by high loan and deposit growth coupled with forecasts not incorporating PPP loan-related fees.

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Saltmarsh Financial Advisors Client Portal Tutorial


Saltmarsh Financial Advisors is pleased to present our Client Portal Tutorial video! 

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Saltmarsh Named Among Accounting Today's 2022 Best Firms to Work For


We are proud to share that we have been named one of Accounting Today’s 2022 Best Firms to Work For!

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Flexible Practices in Bond TradingA Video from Dimensional Fund Advisors


Being selective about when to buy and sell securities can lead to better execution prices - and better returns for investors.

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Words to Live By


When I was asked to repurpose a blog I wrote almost 10 years ago, at first, I thought it would be hypocritical of me. I had written four recommendations to help my business clients achieve peace and strength during a time of unprecedented change, and unfortunately, I had not been practicing my own recommended behaviors, despite being bombarded with changes! 

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Webinar Materials: The New ACH Rules on Micro-Entries


In this webinar, Financial Institutions Senior Consultant Janice Weisz, AAP, will provide a high-level overview of upcoming rules associated with Micro-Entries.

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Bonds 101What Are Bonds?


In the past six months, there have been many discussions about the bond market. The classic portfolio is made up of 60% equities and 40% fixed income and cash, and for the first time in decades, stocks and bonds are both down at the same time. Why is that?

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A Nonprofit's Guide to Cost Allocations


Cost allocation for nonprofits is the practice of grouping all costs together in a manner that helps the user determine the actual cost of operating its programs and/or locations. To effectively develop and operate sustainable programs, nonprofit organizations should ensure that they are tracking and planning for the actual cost of each program. 

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Saltmarsh is Always Up for a ChallengeOur 4th Annual Summer BD Challenge Results Are In!


Last month was a special month at Saltmarsh – it was our 4th annual Level Up Summer Business Development Challenge. We are all competitive at Saltmarsh, so what better way to encourage growth than with a month-long contest? Every year, we split up into teams and keep track of points for internal and external outreach, industry activities, social media interaction, training leading and participation and client relationship building. 

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Your Provider Relief Fund Checklist


If you received any funding from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF), chances are, you’ve already had to report your use of funds in either reporting period one or two, and you know how complicated the process can be. In fact, according to the 2022 BDO Healthcare CFO Outlook Survey, 35% of the respondents identified CARES Act/PRF reporting as a regulatory concern.

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Nacha Micro Entry-Rule


Micro-Entries are a generally accepted method in the marketplace for an ACH originator to test the validity of a receiver’s account. Although originators have used this low-cost option for quite some time, Micro-Entries are not defined within the Nacha Operating Rules.

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State and Local Tax: Basics to Consider


As the growth plans of a business include expanding into new states, there are numerous tax, licensing and permitting issues to consider. Even if your business already operates in more than one state, you should be aware that in recent years many states have become more and more aggressive in enforcing tax and licensing requirements.

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Provider Relief Fund Reporting Period 3 Is Now Open


HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Period 3 opened on Friday, July 1st, and will remain open through Friday, September 30th, at 11:59 PM (EST).

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GAAP In-Kind Reporting Update: ASU 2020-07 Effective for Nonprofit Organizations for Fiscal Years Beginning After June 15, 2021


Due to the differences in definitions between grantors, nonprofit management and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the reporting and disclosing of in-kind goods and services can become tricky and sometimes hard to get right. Many nonprofits rely on volunteers and donations of goods and services in order to achieve their missions. As such, it is important that organizations properly record such donations so that users of financial statements can see the true support utilized to operate programs.

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Halfway Through the Year, Here's What You Should KnowA Letter to Our Clients


After growing 90% the prior three calendar years, as of the writing of this letter, the U.S. Stock Market has posted a YTD return of -21%, International Developed Markets -19%, and Emerging Markets -16%. Why? In one word: Inflation. More specifically rising oil and gas prices, food costs, housing, and the rippling effects of 2021’s headlines: additional stimulus, lingering supply chain issues, job vacancies, and a hangover from the Great Resignation along with heated 2022 midterm elections.

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Webinar Recording: Tax Benefits of Owning Investment Properties


There are many tax benefits to owning investment and rental properties that some owners may not be aware of when the time comes to file taxes. 

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Extra, Extra! Why Financial Headlines Shouldn't Drive Your Investment Decisions


Alarming financial headlines can challenge investors’ resolve as they weigh their options. It’s tempting to question your approach and reverse course in the face of market adversity, like switching lanes in standstill traffic. Yet evidence has continually shown that investors who remain disciplined during market selloffs benefit from future market gains by staying committed to their financial plan. 

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Camille Heckmann and Stephen Helms-MacBeth Accepted to Leadership Pensacola Class of 2023


The Greater Pensacola Chamber recently announced its Leadership Pensacola (LeaP) Class of 2023 and we are pleased to announce that two of our Saltmarsh family members were accepted as members of this prestigious group! 

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Elder Financial Exploitation by the Numbers


For those of you working diligently in the financial industry, we remind you that June is Elder Financial Abuse month. Elder financial exploitation (EFE), a form of Elder Abuse, is the most common form of elder abuse. EFE is defined as the illegal or improper use of an elderly adult's funds, property or resources by another individual. Sadly, this exploitation is alive and well all year round.

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CECL: What About Credit Losses on Debt Securities?


Since the initial roll-out of ASU 2016-13, Financial Instruments—Credit Losses (Topic 326), much of the prevailing focus has been on accounting for expected credit losses in loan portfolios. As the CECL implementation date draws near for nonpublic business entities, we are starting to receive new questions about CECL’s impacts to securities portfolios as well.

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Supplementing Data Security Requirements Rule Phase 2Effective June 30, 2022


Nacha’s Supplementing Data Security Requirements rule expands the existing ACH Security Framework to explicitly require large, non-financial institution Originators, Third-Party Service Providers and Third-Party Senders to protect account numbers (consumer and non-consumer) used in the initiation of ACH entries by rendering them unreadable when stored electronically.

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Saltmarsh Financial Advisors Once Again Recognized as Top Wealth Advisory Firm by Accounting Today


Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC is honored to be recognized by Accounting Today as a top firm by total assets under management (AUM) once again!

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Tax Breaks for Businesses and Self-Employed Taxpayers


As the 2021 tax filing season progresses, small businesses and self-employed taxpayers should make certain they are taking advantage of all of the tax deductions and opportunities available to them on their 2021 federal income tax returns. Tax savings increases after-tax cash flow and can mean greater return on investment and more money to fund expansion and the overall growth of the business. The following are 10 top tax breaks for small businesses and business owners to keep in mind when finalizing their tax returns for 2021 and planning for 2022.

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Webinar Materials: ODFIs - How Do You Keep Your ACH Clients Informed?


Keeping your ACH clients informed is critical. In this webinar Senior Consultant Janice Weisz, AAP, will discuss the importance of educating ACH clients and will share tools and best practices to keep ACH clients informed of Nacha Rules and originator responsibilities.

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Webinar Materials: CFO Symposium Update


Following the Florida Bankers Association’s annual CFO Symposium, the Saltmarsh Bank Advisors will be hosting a short update to recap hot topics including an industry overview, M&A, balance sheet strategies, ALM and more. 

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Computer-Security Incident Notification Requirements for Banking Organizations and Their Bank Service Providers


As of May 1, 2022, banks must now notify their primary federal regulator within 36 hours of determining a "notification incident" has occurred, while a bank service provider is required to notify each affected bank "as soon as possible" if an incident is "reasonably likely" to cause a disruption for more than four hours.

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The Cost of Trying to Time the MarketFrom Dimensional Fund Advisors


In periods of uncertainty, the decision to do something rather than do nothing is compelling. This compulsion drives investors to sell stocks as the markets are going down and is challenging to ignore. However, research has shown that even being out of the market for a short time can be profound.

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Sponsoring a Health & Welfare Benefit Plan: Are You 5500 Compliant?


Health & Welfare Plans provide benefits such as medical, dental and life insurance. In 2002, the Form 5500 filing requirement was amended by the IRS, but many initially believed that the requirement had been fully suspended. However, the requirement was only lifted for some employers. However, for others (those not meeting the exemptions), the requirement remained in place and continues to be an annual requirement. So, you might be asking, “Who is required to file a Health and Welfare 5500?”

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Biden Administration's FY 2023 Budget Plan Calls for Corporate Tax Hikes


The fiscal year 2023 budget blueprint, released by the Biden administration on March 28, reflects the President’s policy objectives. It consists of a mix of familiar proposals and brand-new initiatives. The proposals are described in more detail in the General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue Proposals, better known as the “Green Book,” that was released with the budget, and include the President’s now-familiar calls for increasing the top corporate tax rate to 28%.

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Soaking in the SpringSaltmarsh Spring Parties


If you haven’t noticed, Saltmarsh works hard and plays hard. We value time outside of our daily routines to get together, build that family-like camaraderie and take time to relax together. Our team takes care of our clients, and our firm takes care of our team, so we decided to practice some of our 33 Saltmarsh Way Fundamentals by #15 Celebrating Achievement, #22 Showing Meaningful Appreciation, #29 Investing in Relationships and #33 Keeping Things Fun!


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BankTech Bytes: Computer-Security Incident Notification Requirements for Banking Organizations and Their Bank Service Providers


This BankTech Bytes newsletter discusses Incident Notification Requirement updates from The Federal Register. 

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The Silver Lining of Today's Inflation


Five months into the new year, it’s clear that 2022 will be just as unpredictable as the last five years have been. At the present moment, the S&P 500 Index (Large US Stocks) is down almost -14% on the year. The Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index (US Bond Market) is down -10% on the year. Inflation has persisted and has forced the Federal Reserve to tighten the money supply. Though the challenges investors face this year are substantial, it’s important to keep in mind a few things.

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Our 33 Saltmarsh Way Fundamentals AwardsMay 2022


On May 5th, we hosted our second Saltmarsh Fundamental Awards Ceremony! This celebration recognized individuals who live our 33 "Saltmarsh Way" Fundamentals to the fullest and practice the high-performing behaviors that continue building a sustainable culture throughout our firm.

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Biden Administration's FY 2023 Budget Plan Calls for Tax Hikes on High-Net Worth Individuals


The Biden administration’s fiscal year 2023 budget blueprint, released on March 28, consists of a mix of familiar proposals and brand-new initiatives that reflect the President’s policy objectives. The proposals are described in more detail in the General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue Proposals, commonly referred to as the “Green Book,” that was released with the budget, and include the President’s now-familiar calls for increasing the top individual rate to 39.6%. 

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Market Behavior and the WeatherA Video from Dimensional Fund Advisors


What can the weather teach us about investing in the stock market? If you had to live somewhere for the next 30 years, would you choose the location based on a day’s weather or the prevailing climate of the region? 

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The Latest FDIC Consumer Compliance Supervisory HighlightsA must-read for Compliance Officers!


The latest issue of the FDIC’s Consumer Compliance Supervisory Highlights details issues identified during the agency’s approximately 1,000 exams completed in 2021. It includes aggregate citations as they relate to Level 3 and Level 2 violations. Level 3 violations present the very highest level of concern and may well lead to formal enforcement actions. The most frequently cited violations, listed below, represent 78% of the total violations cited.

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Webinar Materials: The Cannabis Banking Landscape


As the number of states with legalized marijuana or USDA-approved hemp programs increase, so does interest and concern around providing financial services to the industry.

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Emily Lalas is Making an Impact for Non-Profits


One of our senior auditors, Emily Lalas, was a guest speaker at the IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area Inc. Non-Profit Workshop & Social and presented “Telling Your Story Through Financial Reporting” to help non-profits get the most out of their reporting.

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Inflation and The Federal Reserve


Inflation is one of the most discussed topics in the media and around the water cooler today. The most widely reported measure of inflation is the Consumer Price Index, or CPI. Last month, the CPI increased year over year at an annualized rate of 8.5%. That’s up from 7.9% in February and 7.5% in January.

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Andrew Kent Presenting in Florida Southern College's Fraud Conference 2022


Join a powerhouse group of speakers, including Andrew Kent, Esq., CVA, CHC, Saltmarsh Healthcare Shareholder, on May 6, 2022, at the Florida Southern College Fraud Conference! 

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You Have Your Tax Refund... Now What?


This blog has been updated on 4/19/2022 from its original publishing on 3/31/2017.   

Everyone’s financial situation is unique, so what may be the best course of action for one individual may not be for another. So, what do you do if you receive a tax refund? Generally, you can Save, Spend or Gift it. 

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Unrealized Losses in Securities Portfolios: Can We Stop the Bleeding?


Over the last three months, unrealized losses in available-for-sale (AFS) securities portfolios have accelerated at a staggering rate. 

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HRSA Announces New Process for Late PRF Reporting


The Late Reporting process is intended for providers who were required to report on their usage of Provider Relief Fund payments but were prevented from doing so due to one or more allowable extenuating circumstances.

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Emily Lalas Presenting in Impact 100's Nonprofit Workshop


Our very own, Senior Auditor, Emily Lalas will be presenting on “Telling Your Story Through Financial Reporting” at the Impact 100 Nonprofit Workshop & Social on April 19th at the Brownsville Community Center. 

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Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, Elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA)


Senior Manager, Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, has been elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) as of March 28, 2022! 

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Webinar Materials: The Impact of Major Events on Markets Over Time


What insights can we glean from examining similar events in history? What was their impact on markets? Should we make any changes in investment strategy?

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Have You Maxed Out the Contribution to Your Health Savings Account (HSA) for the 2021 year?April 15, 2022 is fast approaching!


With the high cost of healthcare, many people with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) establish a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for qualified medical expenses with tax-free dollars. Your HSA will provide you tax savings and flexibility as a wealth-building tool.

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Why Should You Have a Financial Advisor?A Video from Dimensional Fund Advisors


Kenneth French and Eugene Fama sat down with Dimensional Fund Advisors founder David Booth to discuss the importance of having a financial advisor regardless of your financial competency. 

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Service Spotlight: Diversity, Women & CommunityWomen's History Month, Junior Achievement and United Way!


Diversity and Inclusion is important for us here at Saltmarsh. We know that equality is what sustains a firm, its people and pushes it to be better. To read more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives, read our pledge.

March was Women’s History Month, and to show our appreciation and continue to inspire equality in our communities and firm, we participated in a variety of events. 

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Saltmarsh Siren: Provider Relief Fund Reporting Period 2 Closes


Provider Relief Fund Reporting Period 2 Closes Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM (EST). Providers who received one or more General and/or Targeted Provider Relief Fund Payments between July 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, and totaling more than $10,000 in the aggregate must complete their reporting...

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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook, Leveraging Technology Today1st Quarter 2022 Insights from the Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team


Our white paper discusses the need for cybersecurity to ensure your manufacturing company is protected and thriving in today's world.

A compromised password. That’s all it took for hackers to take down the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S. last year, which led to gas shortages and higher fuel prices across the East Coast. The cost was even more for the cyberattack victim, Colonial Pipeline. It has been reported that Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 million ransom to a Russia-linked cybercrime group and hired a cybersecurity firm to consult on its cyber defenses to help ward off future attacks...

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Webinar Materials: The Cost of Attracting & Retaining Talent in Today's Market


It seems like everyone is hiring these days, but how can you stay competitive in the employee-driven labor market of manufacturing and construction? Join us and a special guest from LandrumHR, for a webinar on how to attract the right candidates, create a successful onboarding experience and increase employee retention.

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Phew! Done with Payroll Reporting for Another Year!


If you are a business owner, you probably feel a huge sense of relief after the whirlwind of January, providing employees and the state and federal governments with the payroll tax returns, Form 1095’s for health insurance and preparing all the Form 1099 Misc’s and 1099 NEC’s! Next January, however, will be easier if you will take one easy step. Each vendor should complete a Form W-9 before receiving any payments.  

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Fiduciary vs Suitability: Finding Qualified Advisors


Knowing you need financial help and actually receiving good help can be challenging if you don’t know what to look out for. So how do you find a qualified financial professional who will put your goals ahead of their own?

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Nacha's WEB Debit Account Validation Rule


Nacha’s WEB Debit Account Validation Rule requires ACH originators of WEB debit entries to implement a commercially reasonable method to determine that the account number to be used for a WEB debit entry is for a valid account. This means the account to be debited is a legitimate, open account to which ACH entries may be posted at the receiving depository financial institution. The requirement applies to the first use of an account number or changes to the account number.

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A Disciplined Investment Strategy


It’s important to have a disciplined investment strategy in place when investing. Reacting to short-term market swings by making dramatic portfolio changes will inevitably lead to a more stressful investing experience.

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Webinar Recording: Trends in D&O and Cyber


Webinar recording. Bank insurance renewals have become anything but routine. Dennis Gustafson from AHT Insurance joins us for a webinar on the metrics behind financial institutions’ insurance; and review trends in the D&O claims environment and how they are moving the market.

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No Busy Season Blues Here!


This part of the year is notoriously busy for public accounting firms like ours, but in case you haven’t noticed, we are not your stereotypical firm. We know how important it is for every one of our Saltmarsh Family members to take a breather, have some fun and enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates. One of our fundamentals at Saltmarsh is to “KEEP THINGS FUN” (#33) after all!

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ODFI Responsibility to Keep its ACH Clients Informed of Nacha Rules


Nacha Rules state that ODFI’s are responsible for all entries originated through the ACH Network using the ODFI’s routing number and that ODFI’s are responsible for their ACH clients' compliance with the Nacha Rules. In addition, because the payments industry is constantly evolving, ODFI’s need to keep their ACH clients informed of Nacha Rule changes. Therefore, ODFI’s should have a formalized process to keep their ACH clients informed of Nacha Rules and originator responsibilities.  

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Don't Let Your LinkedIn Gather Dust


Social media continues to ebb and flow in modern times. It has become apparent since its birth that it is a powerful tool for showcasing your business, reaching clients, targeting audiences and sharing your personal achievements and content.

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Elevate your Third-Party Risk Management Program


Vendor Management, which is now trendily known as Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), continues to get increasing regulatory attention as it should. Most of us in the banking space these days are increasingly outsourcing key operations to third parties. Peering ahead, it’s hard to imagine that changing. It looks like the next great wave to wash over TPRM could be decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency integrations. These may even overtake traditional Fintech as banking’s biggest potential disruptor. With compliance, safety and soundness exams focusing on TPRM, it is time to consider how to evolve our programs.  

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Reingruber Alert: Reimbursement and Billing Updates for Medicare Providers


The Protecting Medicare and American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act impacts payments for all Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) claims.

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Markets: In or Out?


Looking back at 2021, we learned the valuable lesson of establishing a strategy and staying invested. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, there has been no shortage of bad news. However, equities had a calendar year return of 21% in 2020, and markets followed up with an equity return of 26% in 2021. When it looked like it was a time to panic, getting out of the market would have been one of the worst moves. Now, 2022 brings a new set of challenges.

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