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Creating a Culture of InnovationFireside Chat


Innovation is the first step/root cause to banks being truly innovative and serving their client base better, particularly important in a post COVID world. Saltmarsh shareholder, Kristen Stogniew, Esq., CFE, hosts this chat featuring personal stories and insights from community bankers Lindsey Blaise (President & CEO, Citizens First Bank), Patrick Sells (Chief Innovation Officer, Quontic Bank), and Dan Sheehan (Co-Founder, Professional Bank). 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part VII


In this webinar we provide real-world scenarios to answer your common questions related to the deadline to file, payroll taxes, potential new bills, and latest guidance. Access webinar materials here.


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ALLL: Do Big Banks Know Something that Community Banks Don't?


Community banks are fighting many headwinds, the remote working environment, squeezed net interest margin, and deferral of loan payments to name a few. One thing most community banks may not have addressed is the need to increase their Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) for COVID-19 related risk.  

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Bank CFO Update: Comments Regarding Recent Regulatory Guidance on Loan Modifications


With all the attention on PPP loan origination and forgiveness, the issue of how to account for loan modifications has been left simmering on a back burner. In recent weeks, two regulatory releases provided helpful and practical guidance for community bankers already thinking about how best to consider the proper loan credit grade for loans impacted by COVID.

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Bank Directors and Executive Management: Thoughts on Strategic Planning for 2020


If you are like most community bankers, you are probably feeling about as refreshed and full of energy as a marathon runner at the 24-mile marker. Almost all community banks are facing the same basic banking challenges currently, and that list of challenges would be a great start in identifying the issues to discuss and consider during a Strategic Planning meeting in the current environment.

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Temporary Suspension of Reclamation Debits Scheduled to End August 17, 2020


The Bureau of the Fiscal Service will remove the suspension that was instituted on April 2, 2020, regarding the process of debiting a Receiving Depository Financial Institution’s (RDFI) Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) master account. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part V


Our webinar provides practical real-world scenarios to highlight key changes since the start of PPP, including current events, hot topics, potential new bills, and latest guidance on forgiveness applications. Access webinar materials here.

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AICPA Issues Accounting Guidance for PPP LendersTechnical Questions and Answers (TQA) under Section 2130


PPP lenders have had many questions about how to account for these types of loans and report on their arrangements. The AICPA and its Depository Institutions Expert Panel have released several Technical Questions and Answers (TQA) under Section 2130. We've summarized the TQAs related to PPP Loans here.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part IV


Our webinar provides practical real-world scenarios and focuses on key considerations for PPP loan forgiveness, including the latest guidance on new forgiveness applications, and 8-week vs. 24-week decisions and pitfalls. Access webinar materials here.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Assistance


If your business has received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA), you may be concerned about meeting the loan forgiveness requirements. Our team can assist with reviewing forgiveness applications that present questions or need additional analysis and are here to address your questions regarding overall forgiveness.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part III


Our presentation held on Wednesday, June 10th discussed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA), properly documenting expenses and answering frequently asked questions so you can maximize your PPP loan forgiveness. Access webinar materials here.

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Identifying Third-Party Senders for Financial Institutions


The need to identify and control risk in ACH origination should be a top priority for all Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs). Identification of third-party senders is a key part of risk discovery. Below are some keywords that can be used to search your database and/or originator files to help identify possible third-party activity. 

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Nacha's Upcoming ACH Contact Registry Rule Requirement


Financial institutions constantly seek ways to contact and communicate quickly with other financial institutions about specific ACH payment issues and exceptions. Nacha created the ACH Contact Registry Rule (the Rule) to help facilitate this process. Effective July 1, 2020.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part II


Our presentation held on Thursday, May 28th reviewed the latest guidance on properly documenting expenses for PPP loan forgiveness and the interim Final Rule. Access webinar materials here.

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SBA Loan Review Procedures and Related Borrower and Lender Responsibilities


On Friday, May 22, 2020, the U.S. Small Business Administration issued guidance for the Paycheck Protection Program Requirements related to SBA Loan Review Procedures and Related Borrower and Lender Responsibilities. We have prepared a summary of this guidance for banks and credit unions.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part I


In response to the impacts of COVID-19, many businesses have received funding through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under the recently passed CARES Act and we have held a webinar on key considerations for PPP loan forgiveness. Access webinar materials here.

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COVID-19 is Accelerating the Rise of the Digital Economy


Digital transformation is necessary during this crisis, but that doesn’t mean it will look the same as it did before the pandemic. New problems and opportunities have come to light with greater urgency. For some businesses, the forces of disruption may be so great that the long-term strategic vision will need to be overhauled. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: How COVID-19 is Impacting Retirement Planning


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stimulus Act, or “CARES Act” brought important changes to retirement plans that every investor should be aware of. Learn about these changes, how they are impacting retirement planning, and what actions you should take to have an investment plan you can stick with to achieve peace of mind. Access webinar materials here.

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Impact Of The Cares Act On Financial Institutions And Specialty Finance Entities


COVID-19 has created significant uncertainty for financial institutions and specialty finance entities. CFOs and financial leaders can help their organizations on the path back to growth by leveraging all applicable CARES Act provisions in their accounting strategies. Here are highlights of some of the key financial statement areas that are impacted by the CARES Act to date.

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CARES Act Impacts on Net Operating Losses: Frequently Asked Questions


The CARES Act includes changes to the tax treatment of business net operating losses (NOLs) for corporations and other taxpayers. Given the significant role NOLs can play in increasing cash flow and helping to mitigate financial distress, we’ve compiled Frequently Asked Questions around NOLs to help break down the latest changes in the CARES Act and what they mean for your business.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Staying Connected & Empowering Your Team Using Collaboration Tools


When it comes to working remotely, using virtual tools, and leveraging technology, what can business owners and managers do today that will help ensure they emerge successfully from the COVID-19 pandemic? Access webinar materials here.

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Documentation & Accounting for PPP Loan Forgiveness


As many of our clients have already started receiving their Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan proceeds, the Saltmarsh COVID Recovery Response Team is recommending guidelines for how these loans should be handled, both from the operations and accounting (recording on the books) standpoints.

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A Return to Work in the New NormalHow companies should plan to return to work and emerge from COVID-19 stronger and smarter.


As the response to the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, many companies have established operational crisis management teams and adjusted to global restrictions on work and movement. Executives are now beginning to ask the question: How are we going to return to work?

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Federal Reserve Announces Main Street Business Lending Program as Part of Additional Actions to Provide Economic Aid


On April 9, the Federal Reserve announced additional actions it will take to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserve believes this funding will assist households and employers of all sizes and bolster the ability of state and local governments to deliver critical services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Temporary Suspension of Debits Due to Lack of Response to an ACH Reclamation


Under the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service understands that there are some staffing challenges for financial institutions and at the Fiscal Service due to protocols associated with the Coronavirus outbreak. These challenges may result in the delay of the financial institution to respond and Fiscal Service’s ability to process ACH Reclamations in a timely manner.

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