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Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, Elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA)


Senior Manager, Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, has been elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) as of March 28, 2022! 

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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook, Leveraging Technology Today1st Quarter 2022 Insights from the Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team


Our white paper discusses the need for cybersecurity to ensure your manufacturing company is protected and thriving in today's world.

A compromised password. That’s all it took for hackers to take down the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S. last year, which led to gas shortages and higher fuel prices across the East Coast. The cost was even more for the cyberattack victim, Colonial Pipeline. It has been reported that Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 million ransom to a Russia-linked cybercrime group and hired a cybersecurity firm to consult on its cyber defenses to help ward off future attacks...

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Webinar Materials: The Cost of Attracting & Retaining Talent in Today's Market


It seems like everyone is hiring these days, but how can you stay competitive in the employee-driven labor market of manufacturing and construction? Join us and a special guest from LandrumHR, for a webinar on how to attract the right candidates, create a successful onboarding experience and increase employee retention.

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And That's A Wrap: Manufacturing Month 2021


This October, we celebrated Manufacturing Month with client outreach, educational industry webinars and client appreciation happy hours! The goal of Manufacturing Month in Florida is to bring awareness to the manufacturing industry nationwide. We have amazing manufacturing clients at Saltmarsh, so what better time to celebrate them than a month that is dedicated to their industry?

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Lean Thinking Series Part 3: Automation in Business Spending


Did you know… business adoption of automating the accounts payable process has increased by over 120% between 2018 and 2019? Automating expense and account payable spending is changing the way companies pay their suppliers and manage their cash flow.


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Women in Manufacturing Panel - Creating the Next Generation of Women Leaders


Get inspired by prominent women from the manufacturing community! This panel will focus on key strategies manufacturing businesses can deploy to create more opportunities for women in the workplace. 

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Webinar Materials: Streamlining Your Company's Cashflows


Cash flow in manufacturing is complex, but managing your company's cash flow shouldn't feel impossible. What you need are a few simple, actionable strategies that will take your cash flow management from chaotic to clear and productive.


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Webinar Materials: Maximizing Technology to Streamline Business Processes


Have you outgrown your current accounting systems? Do you have an ERP system that you are not maximizing to its fullest potential?


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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook, Lean Thinking to Reduce Costs3rd Quarter 2021 Insights from the Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team


This White Paper discusses the need for lean manufacturing in company culture, communication to employees, and in the foundation of all operations for optimum success. 

What is lean manufacturing? You’ll find a variety of definitions if you look it up, but a good synopsis is this: operating with minimal waste. This applies to every part of the operation, from people and machines to processes and systems...

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: The Rise of Ransomware - The Evolution, Risk & Recovery


The evolution of ransomware creates constantly changing threats to businesses and if your defense and recovery processes aren’t changing along with it, you may not be prepared to bounce back when it finds you. This webinar includes a discussion about understanding, mitigating, and managing ransomware risks as well as best practices for small businesses.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Applying for Manufacturing Training Grants


The Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team is excited to bring you this timely webinar, featuring FloridaMakes Business Advisor, Paula DeLuca. Key takeaways include insights to upscale workforce skills, and how to get specialized training for your company. Access recording...

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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook, Help Wanted2nd Quarter 2021 Insights from the Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team


This White Paper discusses the staffing challenges that manufacturers face as production ramps up as the pandemic de-escalates... As the U.S. moves closer to putting the pandemic in the rearview window, “normal” seems right around the corner for the manufacturing industry, but what does that mean? In 2018, before COVID-19 reared its ugly head, organizations like Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute anticipated that U.S. manufacturers would face a shortage of workers through 2028.

What, if anything, has changed since then?

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Why Manufacturers are Looking Forward to Growth


As more Americans get vaccinations and an economic recovery is within sight, manufacturers can bring lessons learned during the pandemic to accelerate growth. However, a recent BDO poll found that manufacturers are split; some are in growth mode and are focusing on product or service innovation and tech investments, while others are looking to weather the rest of the economic downturn and restructure.

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IRS Extends Certain Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines to May 17


The Internal Revenue Service confirmed in an announcement on March 29, 2021, that individuals have until May 17, 2021 to meet certain deadlines that would normally fall on April 15. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part 10


Our speakers break down PPP updates and the latest guidance from the SBA. They will also review the American Rescue Plan Act and Employee Retention Credit updates.

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New IRS Guidance Regarding Tax Due Date Change 2021


On Wednesday, March 17th, the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service extended the due date of individual Federal income tax returns and the deadline to make contributions to IRAs and HSAs from April 15, 2021 to May 17th, 2021.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: CMMC Readiness (Part 2) - Let's Talk Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&Ms)


In Part 2 of our series, we will share a fresh round of information including valuable insights on creating and fulfilling POA&Ms, identifying, documenting and correcting gaps, and leveraging your work to help with CMMC compliance.

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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook, 2021 & Beyond1st Quarter 2021 insights from the Saltmarsh Manufacturing Team


This White Paper discusses what 2020 taught us, overcoming challenges for Florida manufacturers and eliminating supply chain disruptions. No one saw this coming. One year after the first cases of coronavirus were reported in the U.S., we’re suffering through a pandemic that has not lost its grip on the country. While the availability of a vaccine gives reason for hope, manufacturers throughout the Sunshine State are suffering...

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness PART 9


Our webinar breaks down the PPP provisions, discusses the latest guidance from the SBA and eligibility for second draw loans. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness PART 8


On December 21st, Congress passed the long-awaited $900 billion COVID-related Tax Relief Act (COVIDTRA) as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. In this webinar, we break down the PPP provisions, discuss the latest guidance from the SBA, and more.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part V


Our webinar provides practical real-world scenarios to highlight key changes since the start of PPP, including current events, hot topics, potential new bills, and latest guidance on forgiveness applications.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Assistance


If your business has received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA), you may be concerned about meeting the loan forgiveness requirements. Our team can assist with reviewing forgiveness applications that present questions or need additional analysis and are here to address your questions regarding overall forgiveness.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part III


Our presentation held on Wednesday, June 10th discussed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA), properly documenting expenses and answering frequently asked questions so you can maximize your PPP loan forgiveness. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part II


Our presentation held on Thursday, May 28th reviewed the latest guidance on properly documenting expenses for PPP loan forgiveness and the interim Final Rule. Access webinar materials here.

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COVID-19 is Accelerating the Rise of the Digital Economy


Digital transformation is necessary during this crisis, but that doesn’t mean it will look the same as it did before the pandemic. New problems and opportunities have come to light with greater urgency. For some businesses, the forces of disruption may be so great that the long-term strategic vision will need to be overhauled. 

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