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Emily Lalas is Making an Impact for Non-Profits


One of our senior auditors, Emily Lalas, was a guest speaker at the IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area Inc. Non-Profit Workshop & Social and presented “Telling Your Story Through Financial Reporting” to help non-profits get the most out of their reporting.

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Emily Lalas Presenting in Impact 100's Nonprofit Workshop


Our very own, Senior Auditor, Emily Lalas will be presenting on “Telling Your Story Through Financial Reporting” at the Impact 100 Nonprofit Workshop & Social on April 19th at the Brownsville Community Center. 

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Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, Elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA)


Senior Manager, Cristine Torrefranca, CPA, has been elected Treasurer of Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) as of March 28, 2022! 

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Webinar Materials: Rethinking Financial Reporting - Nonprofit Strategy


As nonprofit leaders rethink fundraising post the COVID-19 crisis, getting up-to-speed on how to tell your organization’s story through financial reporting is more important than ever. This webinar will cover how to use form 990 as a marketing tool and more!

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Webinar Materials: New Lease Standards for Non-Public Entities


The effective date of the new lease standard codified in Accounting Standards Codification, Topic 842 (ASC 842) is right around the corner for non-public entities. This webinar will discuss reporting challenges created by new standards.


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Higher Education in the U.S. - Rising Costs, Enrollment Challenges and the Need for Innovative Solutions


The higher education landscape has changed over the last few decades, with increasing concern regarding declining enrollment and institutions’ ability to drive revenue by attracting and retaining students at levels necessary to support operations. The impact of COVID-19 on colleges and universities has hastened this transformation. 

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Nonprofit Form 990: It's More than Just Numbers


The Federal Form 990 is an informational return that most tax-exempt entities are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This can sometimes be referred to as a nonprofit tax return.  Most organizations are familiar with their annual IRS 990 filing requirement. However, many organizations see this merely as a “checklist” item to get done, and in doing so, may miss the opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of a well-prepared 990.

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How to Develop and Utilize an Effective Board of Directors


A well-designed and utilized board of directors can greatly contribute to the success of a nonprofit entity. When recruiting directors, it is important to understand the purpose of the board, develop meaningful criteria for director selection and ensure that there are processes in place to fully utilize each director. 

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Cares Act vs American Rescue Plan Act Funding


With the enactment of the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund and the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (Coronavirus Recovery Fund) established under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) on May 10, 2021, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has made available $350 Billion to state and local governments to cover the costs incurred as a result of recovery efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Finding Flexibility Amid COVID-19: How Nonprofits Can Scale for Success


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nonprofits in dramatically different ways, with some organizations scrambling to meet rapidly rising demand and others shrinking to survive the ongoing crisis. Whether an organization’s situation has been one of boom, bust or somewhere in between, scalability is a universal asset in a global pandemic.

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CARES Act Employee Retention Credits for Nonprofit Employers


Many nonprofit organizations were forced to shutter or temporarily close their operations under a governmental order as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, while others were forced to severely limit their offerings. One way to continue to pursue your organization's objectives is to ensure that you are still able to function, even if only in a limited capacity. 

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Nonprofit Data Breach Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them


As more people are shifting to digital lifestyles and remote operations, data is being passed through the internet now more than ever. Proportionate to this, however, are the opportunities for potential compromise of the data, particularly via a data breach.

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Presentation of Covid-19 Related Federal Programs on the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards


New aid provided by federal agencies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic can impact the presentation of your organization’s Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA), Notes to the SEFA, and Federal Audit Clearinghouse Data Collection Form (DCF). 

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Provider Relief Funds - Reporting and Audit Requirements


When Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, it established the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) to support American families, workers and healthcare providers in the battle against COVID-19.

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IRS Issues Final Regulations on UBTI


On Dec. 2, 2020 the U.S. Treasury and IRS published final regulations under Internal Revenue Code (IRC or Code) Section 512(a)(6), the provision requiring tax-exempt organizations with more than one unrelated trade or business to calculate unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) separately with respect to each trade or business. 

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IRS Extends Certain Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines to May 17


The Internal Revenue Service confirmed in an announcement on March 29, 2021, that individuals have until May 17, 2021 to meet certain deadlines that would normally fall on April 15. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part 10


Our speakers break down PPP updates and the latest guidance from the SBA. They will also review the American Rescue Plan Act and Employee Retention Credit updates.

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New IRS Guidance Regarding Tax Due Date Change 2021


On Wednesday, March 17th, the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service extended the due date of individual Federal income tax returns and the deadline to make contributions to IRAs and HSAs from April 15, 2021 to May 17th, 2021.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness PART 9


Our webinar breaks down the PPP provisions, discusses the latest guidance from the SBA and eligibility for second draw loans. 

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness PART 8


On December 21st, Congress passed the long-awaited $900 billion COVID-related Tax Relief Act (COVIDTRA) as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. In this webinar, we break down the PPP provisions, discuss the latest guidance from the SBA, and more.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part VII


In this webinar we provide real-world scenarios to answer your common questions related to the deadline to file, payroll taxes, potential new bills, and latest guidance.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part VI


Our webinar provides real-world scenarios to highlight key aspects of PPP and answer your common questions related to the deadline to file, payroll taxes, potential new bills, and latest guidance.

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WEBINAR MATERIALS: Strategies for Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness, Part V


Our webinar provides practical real-world scenarios to highlight key changes since the start of PPP, including current events, hot topics, potential new bills, and latest guidance on forgiveness applications.

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Nonprofit Organizations: Staying Functional and Safe In the Age of Coronavirus


This article is aimed at helping nonprofit organizations plan to cope with the new challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic from the BDO "Nonprofit Standard" newsletter. The first part of the article focuses on matters external to the organization, while the second part focuses on internal matters. 

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Strengthening Internal Control in the COVID-19 Environment


Due to its mission-driven purpose, a nonprofit organization’s financial and operational sustainability is significantly impacted by its environment. Now NFPs are facing the challenges of dealing with the results of COVID-19. As a result, management staff are asking themselves—are the internal controls that were once effective still operating in a manner to achieve our objectives in this unprecedented time?

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