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End of Life in Less Than 6 Months!


There is nothing scarier than learning that your favorite computer systems will be ending. Beginning January 2020, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 2008 R2 will no longer be supported. Learn more about what this means and how to prepare for the Windows end of life.

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Staying Ahead of Change


Organizations thrive on the transformative nature of technology. But how can accounting professionals and business leaders provide excellent service while the rules of the game keep changing?

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Gone Phishing? Tips to Avoid Email Compromise


Securing your email environment is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent yourself from becoming a part of a phishing scam. Check out these tips to avoid email compromise with Office 365 to protect you and your company. 

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The Value of Mentoring: Reflections, Relationships and Rewards


Whether officially or unofficially, we’ve all had someone provide us mentorship in our lives. A mentor is simply defined as, “An experienced and trusted advisor,” and a mentee is the one being advised. We are committed to preparing the future generations at Saltmarsh by strengthening their personal and professional development, community engagement, and firm knowledge. 

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Major Tax & Accounting Decisions Faced By Tech Start Ups


Tax and accounting decisions can be some of the most overwhelming aspects of starting a new company, but having things set up properly from the start can save you time and money in the future.  I want to touch on some of the most important tax and accounting decisions to consider when starting a new company.  These decisions are best made in tandem with a CPA and a business attorney.  

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Your Router is Infected, and... You Don't Know It!


It is possible your small office or household routers are being compromised without your knowledge with a new malware known as VPNFilter

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Three Emerging Tech Trends to Keep on Your Radar


Every few months there is more news on the “Next Big Thing,” and why you should get it. It is staggering to try and keep up as you wonder if this technology even works for your needs. 

Let’s look at a few upcoming technologies that are on everyone’s radar.


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Don't Fall Victim to Cyber Crime!Protect Your Personal Information


You are driving to a meeting with a new prospective client.  Your boss calls and needs those reports for her meeting that starts in 10 minutes.  Whipping into the local coffee shop with free wi-fi, you can shoot those reports out, buy a round of lattes for the meeting and still make it on time.  Out comes the laptop as you find a small table in the corner, and you connect to the CoffeeShoppe_Guest wireless network. The New Email button is clicked, the reports are attached, you add the recipient and click Send.  

 But, did you just expose your personal information?  Will you be a victim of cyber crime?  The most frequent target for cyber criminals is personal information

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Saltmarsh Hosts Technology Roundtable In Tampa


On Monday, January 29th, we hosted a roundtable meeting for technology companies. Our discussion focused on recent events, potential challenges, and best practices that are currently impacting technology in the Tampa Bay area and how they could impact the future.

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Critical Security Flaw that Affects Your Computers


As you may have heard on the news, a critical hardware vulnerability was recently discovered that impacts computers all over the world. These flaws are now being more commonly referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. “Meltdown” is the flaw found in Intel Chips that allows malicious programs to gain access to higher-privileged parts of a computer’s memory and “Spectre” is the flaw found in ARM and AMD chips that steals data from the memory of other applications on a machine. 


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Saltmarsh Hosts Technology Roundtable in Tampa Bay


On Thursday, November 9th our Tampa office hosted a roundtable meeting for tech companies in the Tampa Bay area.

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Equifax Data Breach: What Does This Mean For You?


The recent data breach of Equifax, one of three major U.S. consumer credit agencies, has created worry and panic among consumers. Such breaches highlight problems that will likely have an impact on future regulations and legislation. But what about you, the individual? 

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Navigating the Social Workplace


Social media platforms are legitimate business tools; therefore, companies must place a high priority on developing social media etiquette.  Participating on your company’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, etc) can benefit both you and your company.  

Here are some things to consider when you participate on your company’s social media platforms.

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Working Remotely: Perks & Pitfalls


So you want to work remotely?  Being able to work from home, out of the office, or off the job site sounds like a great idea, and it can be! But like anything else, it comes with unique perks and pitfalls of which you need to be aware.  Here are a few simple “Do”s and “Don’t”s to aid in your decision to work remotely and help you become successful at it.

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4 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs a CPA


Accounting is the language of business.  You have probably heard this phrase before. But what if you aren’t fluent?  Should you be spending hours and days learning a new language when you are launching a new business? Not at all!  Let a CPA help you.


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Hinson Discusses Cyber Security on Pensacola Business RadioX


Saltmarsh’s Robby Hinson, a senior in the IT Services Department, joined guests from TIG and Konica Minolta to discuss “The Cyber Security and Internet of Things” on Pensacola Business RadioX.

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Saltmarsh Opens Eyes to Cyber Threats in Panel Discussion


Local experts met for a panel discussion on Tuesday, September 27th at Pensacola State College (PSC) to address the complex issues of cyber safety and security. This event, sponsored by Summit Bank, brought together professionals with specific knowledge of how cyber-related issues are impacting the financial, insurance, legal, and technological aspects of our lives and businesses.

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ITEN Wired Summit 2015


Our firm attended the ITEN Wired 2015 Summit in Pensacola Beach, Florida. The two-day conference provided learning and networking opportunities with professionals that are interested in local economic development efforts surrounding innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

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Data Security- It's Not Just an IT Problem


Many different types of sensitive data is included in your IT system. Even the most sophisticated systems have the probability of failing, so you must be prepared to deal with the aftermath if needed.

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There's an App for That


Technology usage has undoubtedly transferred into the construction industry. This article highlights various applications that assist with overall project planning, of which include the estimating, specifying, and the ordering process.

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New Website for Peter Rubardt, Conductor


We would like to congratulate Peter Rubardt on his new website,  Peter is the Music Director of both the Pensacola Symphony in Florida and the Meridian Symphony in Mississippi.  

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Pensacola Country Club Launches New Website


Congratulations to our client, Pensacola Country Club for launching their new website.  Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund enjoyed working with the Pensacola Country Club for their website needs. 

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Padgett Group Launches New Website


Padgett Group was founded in 1982. They develop long-term client relationships by providing comprehensive technical services that improve a building's HVAC system performance, operational reliability and energy efficiency. A primary focus on service has helped us to establish our reputation as the area's premier provider of full service offerings in the marketplace. Simply put, Padgett Group makes buildings more efficient.

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Pizzaz Personalized Gifts Launches New Website on Black Friday


Pizzaz has launched their new website. Pizzaz is a vision of the best in Southern and Coastal living by mother and daughter team, Viki and Courtney. Their Home Decor, Stationary, and Collegiate merchandise are just a few of the unique items you can find on Pizzaz Personalized Gifts also has a just-what-you-need for your little Sugarbabies.

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2012 Bank Forum and IT Funnel


Stephen Reyes speaks on the Shifting Risk of Information Systems.

The Saltmarsh Bank Advisors hosted their annual Community Bank Executive Forum and IT Funnel on Thursday, October 4th and Friday, October 5th at the Tampa Club in downtown Tampa, Florida.

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