Saltmarsh is Always Up for a ChallengeOur 4th Annual Summer BD Challenge Results Are In!

7/15/2022 - By Allie Jackson

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Last month was a special month at Saltmarsh – it was our 4th annual Level Up Summer Business Development Challenge. We are all competitive at Saltmarsh, so what better way to encourage growth than with a month-long contest? Every year, we split up into teams and keep track of points for internal and external outreach, industry activities, social media interaction, training leading and participation and client relationship building.

Level Up isn’t just about rewarding business development efforts, but also building stronger relationships with clients and peers, increasing networking and support, improving our interpersonal skills and helping us develop and grow out of our comfort zones! Over 6,500 outreach activities were logged among 10 teams across the entire firm, including:

  • 391 professional development podcasts listened to
  • 104 new connections made on LinkedIn
  • 30 leadership books read or listened to
  • 18 informative blogs written for publishing on our website
  • 217 hand-written notes to clients, referral partners and professional contacts and so much more!

This month-long challenge is not only filled with prizes and points for those development activities, but also promotes camaraderie and new friendships throughout the firm. We love growing our Saltmarsh community and family, so personal and business development is extremely important, no matter your experience level. It’s always a blast seeing everyone in the firm work together, even across state lines and time zones, and cultivating strong relationships.

One of our more popular activities is our Elevator Speech Contest. We even have guest judges outside the firm join in on the fun! These speeches bring out the creative, knowledgeable and even nervous sides of our team members – but also the supportiveness of our team members and #SaltmarshFamily pride!

We are always in awe of all the hard work and dedication that goes into every summer challenge and how each of our team members play an important role in representing the firm – every interaction matters. Level Up helps us continually grow to be the best we can be for our clients and fellow team members.

Congratulations to our 2022 Challenge winners, the Weisz Guys, for taking home GOLD! Our second-place winners, Stack to the Future were tied neck in neck throughout most of the challenge with our third-place winners, Cole Blooded.

One more Level Up in the books and many more to come! 

Click on the gallery above to see photos of our challenge and teams!

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