Creating a Corporate Culture of Giving

5/11/2017 - By Shannon P. Lands, SPHR

Throughout the year, many opportunities are available for your organization to give back to the local community. The need to help others is great, but sometimes we can be left wondering where to start. Here are some tips to integrate charitable giving into your corporate culture: 

Find a Charity that Matches Your Values

As a local company, Saltmarsh puts extra effort into giving back to the community that has helped us flourish for over 70 years. We look into organizations that directly impact our neighbors in need.  For many years, Saltmarsh has worked closely with United Way to increase the resources they can provide to various community organizations. United Way would be an excellent organization to partner with because of how many non-profit organizations they touch within their local communities.   

Make Giving Back Easy

Make it as easy as possible for your employees to give back. If possible, you can work with your payroll department to integrate payroll deductions for a certain charity. If that is not possible, you can distribute fundraising/event flyers or put a box in the lobby for clothing or food donations. Although these efforts may seem small, any contribution can change the situation for those truly in need. 

Take Time to Research

With the prevalence of scams, excessive executive compensation, and more, many people are weary about donating to certain charities and non-profit organizations. Thankfully, so many tools exist to help you navigate through and avoid these issues.  For example, is a great resource that rates the financial health, accountability, transparency and overall ratings of various non-profits

Stay Alert to Sudden Needs

Natural disasters or personal tragedies can occur without warning.  Recovery and aid is a huge concern in the wake of hurricanes, floods, etc. since many people are left helpless. Also, families in your workplace may be struggling after the loss of a loved one. Donation drives with your employees are an easy way to make an immediate difference. 

Whatever methods you use to build a culture of “giving” in your organization, the benefits are endless.  Getting your employees involved in charitable giving can help cultivate a more positive, compassionate company culture.  Without a doubt, a positive company culture and giving back to the community go hand-in-hand.

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About the Author | Shannon P. Lands, SPHR

Shannon serves as the manager of human resources and related consulting services for Saltmarsh. She has been practicing in this field since 1994, acting as a human resources administrator and consultant for a number of small to mid-sized companies. Shannon’s experience includes all aspects of human resources administration, including policy and procedure development and legal compliance.

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