Saltmarsh Siren: AHCA Updates Proposed Florida Nursing Home Uniform Reporting System (FNHURS) Rule

9/13/2023 - By The Saltmarsh Healthcare Team

On September 5th AHCA published a Notice of Change to the proposed Florida Nursing Home Uniform Reporting System (FNHURS).  This change updates and clarifies the definition of “Home Office” in proposed rule 59E-4.101, establishes the circumstances under which consolidated audits may be utilized, provides for limited extensions of time under certain circumstances, and updates the proposed language concerning reporting in circumstances where a Change of Ownership has occurred.  

All providers are encouraged to review the proposed rules and notice of change, which are expected to become effective later this year and which, once adopted, will establish new financial reporting requirements for skilled nursing facility operators in Florida.  

The new FNHURS requirements will be in addition to the existing Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting requirements.  

Importantly, many providers will now be subject to a new requirement for audited financial statements. While the proposed rule does offer a grace period for providers not currently preparing audited financial statements, the grace period only delays, but does not eliminate the requirement.  

Providers should monitor the progress of this rule and the new FNHURS requirements and begin taking steps to prepare their organizations for the audit process. Transitioning internal processes and procedures to prepare for an external financial audit can be challenging, but can be made easier with proactive planning. The audit and healthcare consulting teams here at Saltmarsh, can walk you through these new requirements and help you prepare for this new reporting environment.

View the FNHURS proposed rule and changes here:

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