The Value of Mentoring: Reflections, Relationships and Rewards

11/29/2018 - By Various Authors

Whether officially or unofficially, we’ve all had someone provide us mentorship in our lives. A mentor is simply defined as, “An experienced and trusted advisor,” and a mentee is the one being advised. We are committed to preparing the future generations at Saltmarsh by strengthening their personal and professional development, community engagement, and firm knowledge. 

One way we have done this is through our own mentoring program, which has been a thriving part of Saltmarsh for several years. We asked members of the program to share the single most important thing they have personally learned as a mentor or mentee. In the coming weeks, we will look at each author’s experience more in-depth, so you can gain a better understanding of the importance of being a mentor and mentee both professionally and personally.

Give and Take: Mentorships Drive Success
By: Claire Poirier, JD

Have you ever been in a mentor-mentee relationship that exceeded expectations? What was it that made an impression on you? Did you grow beyond the parameters of the mentorship? Many mentor-mentee relationships are far from one-sided, in fact they have room to be as multi-dimensional as you let them be. Often times, the benefits of a mentorship can shape both the mentor and the mentee not just professionally but can make a lasting personal impact on everyone involved. 

Being a mentee has its obvious benefits of receiving wisdom, guidance, clarity, and encouragement. Acting as a mentor can be just as rewarding. In fact, both the mentor and the mentee are capable of reaching new levels of inspiration, wisdom, and direction when both parties are open to learning from one another. When the mentor-mentee relationship "clicks" there is a true "win-win" for everyone involved. 

Finding What Works for You
By: Michael Egan

How often do you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first?  Picture yourself in the mall when a flashy pair of sneakers catches your eye in a nearby storefront window.  You’ve already decided you have to have them – until you try them on and they don’t feel right on your feet at all.  Since you’re already at the store anyway, you decide to try on a few other shoes and end up walking out with the most comfortable pair you’ve ever owned.

Finding the right business development mentor is pretty similar to shoe shopping in this respect.  You might look at someone you know and think, “Wow! They really seem to have it all figured out.  I need them to teach me everything they know.”  However, once you form a face-to-face relationship with the person, you may realize the lack of chemistry would make further efforts pointless.  It’s important to meet with as many people as you can and learn a little bit from everyone, but you should find and settle with a few key mentors that can help mold you into the best performer you can be.  Some people work best with checklists and clearly defined goals while others tend to flourish with freedom.  Sometimes you have to try on many pairs of shoes to find the perfect fit.

Don’t Think You Should Be a Mentor? Well, You Should!
By: Glenn Scharf, CPA, CVA

The importance of mentorship is seen in the benefits it has for both the mentor as well as the mentee.  The benefit for the mentee is somewhat obvious in that he or she will learn the ins and outs of professional and personal development through the many years of experience that the mentor is able to share.  For the mentor, it is a way to not only invest in your local community or perhaps your own business but also to expand your network through that mentor relationship.  

As a mentor, you have the opportunity to actively take part in helping someone grow into a role that they will have one day in the future. It is the circle of life for us. The energy and time commitment it takes to be a worthwhile mentor or mentee is great, but those who sacrifice these for this relationship are well-rewarded not only in the present, but also for many years down the road.

Helpful Tools for Mentors & Mentees Getting Started:

  1. SWOT Analysis Worksheet
  2. Understanding What Motivates Your People

About the Authors
The authors featured in this series are mentors and mentees at Saltmarsh who have worked together to share their personal experiences. If you would like to learn more about each of them or contact them individually, you can view their full bios below:


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