Webinar Recording: Tax Benefits of Owning Investment Properties

6/29/2022 - By Nancy Patton

There are many tax benefits to owning investment and rental properties that some owners may not be aware of when the time comes to file taxes. Join Waterstone Mortgage and Saltmarsh's own Tax and Accounting Director Michael Cole, JD, MSPA, to review tax and financial considerations to maximize investment properties. Mike provides guidance on missing opportunities for property owners in various states.


About the Speaker | Michael Cole, JD, MSPA
Michael is a director in the Tax & Accounting Services practice of Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund. He has over 15 years of public accounting experience specializing in 704(b) allocations and compliance and tangible asset regulations. He is a national thought-leader in complex structuring for transactions for private equity and family offices, and he is recognized for his knowledge in the sales and exchanges of complex partnerships and organizational transactions. He brings a unique blend of skills including coding, agile planning and hardware knowledge, and prior to joining Saltmarsh, Michael was also a partnership capital account senior manager. He has spoken at various tax conferences throughout the country and is a noted co-author of the 8th Edition of the New Jersey Environmental Law Handbook (2014).


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