Saltmarsh Hosts 'Building Confidence': A Women-Focused Event Series

4/4/2024 - By Nancy Patton

Throughout 2023 and 2024, Saltmarsh Financial Advisors will host a 4-part women-focused series centered on building confidence and community around the unique financial situations individuals may face in their lives. Featured segments will focus on the central themes of navigating loss, divorce, caregiving and philanthropic giving.

Our series is not exclusive to women, the knowledge shared is just as valuable to men and they are encouraged to attend also.

March 7, 2023 ~ Building Confidence, Part 1: Navigating Loss

Legal, financial and logistical challenges can add to the heavy emotional burden left after the loss of a loved one. While loss can be a difficult topic to discuss, one of the best ways to demonstrate care for your loved ones is to create a plan to assist in navigating the passing of a family member. Our panel addressed questions on estate planning, financial planning, emotional wellness and end-of-life medical care. Read More

May 15, 2023 ~ Building Confidence, Part 2: Taking Care While Giving Care

Women comprise 75% of informal caregivers. Whether a parent, spouse, or child needs additional care because of health challenges, becoming a caregiver has a significant impact on your life, including financial, emotional, physical, and logistical challenges. This panel addressed the transitions women experience as caregivers, offering guidance on caring for themselves while caring for others. The panel featured experts in financial planning, emotional wellness/mental health, physical health, and elder care/assisted living. Watch the Recording

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May 30, 2024 ~ Building Confidence, Part 3: Navigating Divorce

Embarking on a new season of independent life after divorce comes with many changes. Women stepping into this phase may find themselves with questions around the financial, legal, emotional and logistical changes that come after divorce. Our expert panel for this segment will explore ideas for making your fresh start a success. Register now!


Coming November 2024 ~ Building Confidence, Part 4: Aligning Your Money & Values

Women often feel compelled to share their resources with others and use them to further causes they're passionate about. With this in mind, it's important to use your financial plan as a guide for sharing wealth. This segment will feature discussion about employing your wealth according to your values when it comes to spending, giving and investing. Join our email list for event details coming soon!

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