Our 33 "Saltmarsh Way" Fundamentals Awards 2021

9/27/2021 - By Allie Jackson

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This year, we hosted our first ever Saltmarsh Fundamental Awards Ceremony! As President Lee Bell explains, "We created the Fundamentals to ensure we actively designed and consistently practiced the right high-performing behaviors to build a sustainable culture!"

This celebration recognized individuals who live our 33 "Saltmarsh Way" Fundamentals to the fullest. It was tough to choose the winners because we have such phenomenal, hard-working team members in our #SaltmarshFamily! 

"Our Fundamental Awards Ceremony is a way of highlighting individuals who live out our 'Saltmarsh Way' every day! In the spirit of Fundamental (33) Keep Things Fun, we decided that there was no better way to recognize our people than with a yearly ceremony to celebrate their achievements," said Director of People Development, Mel Kleinert

Without further ado, the deserving winners were... 

The Trusted Advisor Award - Sarah Oliver 

This award was presented to a person of character in our firm who has earned and sustained an impeccable client experience by best exhibiting the following Fundamentals: (2) Make Quality Personal, (5) Do What’s Best for the Client, (10) Deliver Legendary Service, (25) Practice Good “Business Hygiene" and (29) Invest in Relationships

“My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is 'Be Present' because I prefer to listen and get to know others!"

The Seedling Award - Maria Thompkins 

This award was presented to an individual who has exhibited a voracious desire to embrace growth (both personal and professional) by embodying the following Fundamentals: (6) Pay Attention to the Details, (8) Be Intensely Curious, (11) Take Action, (18) Take Ownership, (19) Be Relentless about Improvement, (21) Lean Into Growth, (28) Be a Lifelong Learner and (30) Look Ahead and Anticipate

"My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is "Pay Attention to the Details." At Saltmarsh, we always triple-check our work and make sure we do it right the first time! As the sewing motto goes: measure twice, cut once."

The Team Player Award - Ronnie Bennett 

This award was presented to an individual in our firm who has demonstrated a desire to cultivate fellowship within his/her team by displaying characteristics of the following Fundamentals: (3) Help the Team Succeed, (7) Practice Empathy with Others, (12) Practice Blameless Problem Solving, (17) Treat Each Other Like Family, (26) Empower Others and (31) Collaborate

"My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is Help the Team Succeed. This is my favorite fundamental because it is who I am to my core: a helper who loves to help the team grow!"  

The “Fun”damental Award - Cristine Torrefranca 

This award was presented to an enthusiastic individual with contagious positivity within our firm who personified the following Fundamentals: (15) Celebrate Achievement, (22) Show Meaningful Appreciation, (24) Be Positive and (33) Keep Things Fun

"The late Steve Jobs once said 'Great things in business are never done by one person.' My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is "Collaborate" because together as a team we can do incredible things. There is power in teamwork!"

The Key Communicator Award - Chris Stennett 

This award was presented to an attentive and purposeful individual within our firm who epitomized the following Fundamentals: (4) Be Present, (13) Speak Openly and Honestly, (14) Listen to Understand, (16) Be a Fanatic about Response Time and (20) Get Clear on Expectations

“My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is 'Be a Lifelong Learner'. Though it may be uncomfortable to fail, the experience of trying to learn something new has a net positive impact on our general well-being."

The Foundation Award - Beth Skarda 

This award was presented to a person recognized for excellence in leadership and integrity and exemplifies the following Fundamentals: (1) Do the Right Thing, Always, (9) Honor Commitments, (23) Deliver Results, (27) Embrace Change and (32) Treasure, Protect and Promote our Reputation

"My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is 'Help The Team Succeed'. This especially applies to my department, Tax & Accounting Services, because we have one goal/product with several different 'owners' of these tasks during deadlines. When crunch time arrives, you'll find all employee levels pitching in to help each other - from preparation to review to assembly!"

The Saltmarsh All-Star Award - Jayme Terrell 

This award was presented to a person of character within our firm who embodies all 33 of our Fundamentals on an everyday basis. 

"My favorite Saltmarsh Way Fundamental is "Make Quality Personal" because getting personal is one of the best ways to make an impression. It's also one of the most rewarding ways to connect with people, and what I love most about working at Saltmarsh! Our firm values building relationships and raising the bar for service through authentic, personalized and memorable experiences."

Congratulations to all our Fundamental Winners and Nominees! 



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