Suzanne Cox Featured in Mobilization Funding Fraud Webinar

2/3/2021 - By Suzanne Cox, CPA, CIT

Fraudsters and cybercriminals are targeting the construction industry now more than ever, and issues like bid-rigging and manipulated change orders are a constant risk. But, protecting your company, and yourself, from fraud is simpler than you think.

Recently shareholder Suzanne Cox, CPA, CIT, joined Mobilization Funding to share facts you need to know about the most common forms of fraud threatening your construction contractor business AND what you can do to prevent the fraudsters from winning.

Mobilization Funding began with the interests of commercial contractors and manufacturers in mind. They provide loans to cover materials, labor, and other early-project expenses before you start billing for the job. These funds provide critical working capital to get the job started and manage the project's cash flow efficiently and appropriately. The capital can also support surety bond underwriting.

Click here to watch the webinar recording on YouTube.

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