BankTech Bytes: Honest Abe's Lessons on Resiliency


This BankTech Bytes Newsletter discusses thoughts on resiliency. In a joint issuance to large banks on the subject in 2020, the OCC, FDIC and FED defined operational resilience as, “The ability to deliver operations, including critical operations and core business lines, through a disruption from any hazard.” Acknowledging that resiliency doesn’t just happen, they go on to say, “It is the outcome of effective operational risk management combined with sufficient financial and operational resources to prepare, adapt, withstand, and recover from disruptions.”  Like it or not, developing, maintaining and testing an effective resiliency program takes time and resources.  

Read more on resiliency and hear about this quarter's regulatory updates, breaches of the quarter and cryptocurrency updates! 

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About the Author | Jason Keith, CIA, CISA

Jason is a senior technology risk consultant at Saltmarsh, Cleaveland and Gund. He specializes in consulting highly-regulated industries such as financial institutions, healthcare organizations and the defense industrial base, providing information security assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing and other related information security compliance services. Jason has over 20 years of professional experience and has held several technology-focused leadership roles with previous organizations, including Vice President of Risk, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Operations Officer.

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