Scary Stories: Imposter Fraud (Webinar On Demand)

11/15/2023 - By Saltmarsh Financial Advisors

In 2022, 2.4 million consumers reported losing money to fraud – totaling nearly $8.8 billion in lost wealth. These fraud reports came in different forms, from internet hackers to sweepstake scams. The most prevalent was imposter fraud, where fraudsters impersonate a loved one or institution to obtain a victim’s money or information, and what’s scary is that imposter fraud can happen to anyone.

Watch this webinar for a short storytelling of imposter fraud stories from Saltmarsh’s Technology Risk Consulting Manager, Jason Keith, CIA, CISA, and Associate Financial Advisor, Pierce Broscious CFP®. These stories will shed light on the impact of imposter fraud and reveal best practices to protect you and your family’s wealth.


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