Advisor Feature: Getting the Whole Picture with Christina Doss

5/18/2021 - By Allie Jackson

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Christina Doss, AAMS, managing director of Saltmarsh Financial Advisors, LLC, has been in the financial services industry for over three decades. As a fiduciary, she is passionate about helping clients achieve peace of mind with an integrated approach that incorporates the firm’s in-house expertise in the areas of tax, estate and trust, financial planning, business succession planning and wealth management.

In the May 2021 Holistic Talk Issue’ of Advisors Magazine, Christina weighs in on the importance of a holistic financial approach to planning to achieve better results. The Saltmarsh planning methods go beyond a traditional monetary-only focus. They consider additional factors in clients’ lives, such as family, personal beliefs and lifetime goals, and focus on financial education when advising clients. 

“We work closely with our firm’s tax, trust and estate partners to bring a more holistic approach to wealth management. Given that every investment decision is also a tax decision, we are in the unique position to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome while reducing the stress and work of managing communications across multiple advisory relationships.”  – Christina Doss


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