Reingruber Alert: FRVS Survey Data Submission Deadline

4/15/2021 - By Claudia Reingruber, CPA, CHC

DUE APRIL 30, 2021: Submission of updated FRVS survey data to AHCA. The FRVS survey data will be used to calculate your 10/01/2021 FRVS rate. 

Did you know assets placed in service by 04/30/2021 that can be reported include:

  • Bed additions
  • Bed replacements
  • Renovations/major improvements

Make sure you receive the maximum FRVS rate to which you are entitled by using this link to check if your FRVS data is current by following these steps: 

  1. Download your data in the Approving a Prior Submission section
  2. Approve your submission as accurate
  3. Follow the Data Collection Process if costs need to be updated 

The Healthcare Division at Saltmarsh can help: 

  • Review your current FRVS submission for accuracy
  • Identify additional costs that should be included on the survey
  • Answer questions you may have on how the FRVS rate is calculated
  • Prepare updated or new FRVS survey data for your SNF

For questions or more information, please contact our Healthcare team, and join our email list!

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